Blender 2.8 – Epic Ubisoft Donates to Dev Fund


Recently there has been 2 donations made to the Blender Development Fund One from Epic Games and Ubisoft (Animation).

Notice that both are game companies? Wel Epic, Ubisoft Animation Division wants to adopt more open source tools not the main Game Developers.

With the rise of gaming engines like Unity, Unreal and to some small extent Godot, Lumberyard and Cryengine. There may be a need for more realtime asset creation. There could be a small transformation in the way 3D content is produced from old DCC apps to now more open ones like Blender.

From my observation, more younger folks are getting into 3D creation (I saw this in a couple of 3D Modelling Twitch and YouTube streams). Which is good since if they learn blender as it is free, they can learn the 3D Skills through learning blender..

One issue though is when transitioning to a Pro 3D Artist career they have to learn Max or Maya. If more companies would invest in blender it might be a win for Blender to be adopted more readily in the Pro 3D Space.

Many of these game engines are free (to use) and adopt a FBX like workflow already, unlike the old cryeinge 3 which was CGF or cryengine format which only works with a plugin by crytek in 3dsmax or Maya.

Blender has come a long way and is see more younger folks online use it together with Unreal or Unity.

Blender is a very capable app for under 200MB when installed it has everything from modelling, compositing, sculpting and rendering. I  hope one day it will replace other apps. Its so lightweight. And with the Open moives they have been creating each year, it has proven to be a very capable animation and rendering tool.

My only other wish is that GLTF which is supported by Godot would become a better standard than FBX.

Epic Games donates $1.2 million to Blender development

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