Amazon Lumberyard How to: Upgrading / Installing a new Version

Backup Projects and Gems 💎

Backup your projects located in your Dev Folder to another location

Example Path of a Project C:AmazonLumberyard1.XX.0.0devProjectName

Backup any Gems you have created.

Move the 3rd Party SDK to a shared folder location so you won’t have to re-download it again.


Install the new version

  1. Download the latest Lumberyard Installer
  2. Install Run the new installer version. This will create a new version in your Lumberyard directory.
  3. Run the Setup Assistant
  4. Go through this video to do the setup Assistant Process
  6. Point the 3rd Party folder to your shared location path.

Note when the setup Assistant tries to verify the SDK it will take a long time

Move your projects

Move the old projects in the old Dev folder 📁 to the new Dev Folder 📂

Set active projects in Project configurator

run Lmbr_waf to Build those projects again. I did this for the sample NEMO project.

Uninstall the Previous Lumberyard version

Run the uninstaller in Windows Control Add Remove Programs

Now your done and you can continue developing.

GitHub alternative

I may try doing a github version to see how it work so that I can just keep updating one folder instead of having to keep moving files around.

But I need to use a git client like GitKraken instead of having to run it in the terminal.


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