Problem with Niches

I remembered years ago I was going to take a course on online marketing and they told us how to find your niche. it ca be about dogs, cars, or star wars.

All your Business need is a 1000 true fans

Probably… But there a few problems to this

What if after discovering your niche you run out of content to write about? (This is for the solo blogger)

What if the fan base is not ready to convert over and buy your stuff? (What if you want to sell them something?)

That’s a problem with just finding a small fan base of 1000 fans.

Justin Jackson talked about this too. Finding a niche of 1000 users you like may not be profitable as not everyone will buy. You need to be in a niche of millions users.

Nat Eliason blogged about why his own blog should not just be about a specific topic. I actually discovered this on and old post Why you need a website.

I guess having a niche focused blog you might quickly burn out. I am using this blog to doument manythings like my animator’s journey, to coding, game development and some bits of observations on business or other things. Some things may take off some may not.

Right now I just want to practice writing On this blog and share the story on other channels.

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