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Update some new review from Siggraph by Youtuber and with a link to Autodesk Blog Shaan Hurley:

3dsmax Indie Offer page
3dsmax Indie Offer page
3dsmax Indie and Maya Indie

Recently at Siggraph reported by Shaan Hurley besides the new Bitfrost for Maya, there has been an announcement of a new pricing model by Autodesk for Maya Indie and 3dsmax Indie that lets indie users use the full software within certain revenue restrictions and geography location. Autodesk also states that this is a pilot program they are trying out.

Maya 2019 with nvidia RTX Raytracing
Maya with RTX Shading Capabilities

One BIG WARNING is that it will renew full price once you finish.

Use the full version of 3ds Max or Maya for $250/year, providing you live in selected Western countries
Both the 3ds Max Indie and Maya Indie programs give users access to full versions of the software, not cut-down versions like Maya LT, but are capped at one licence per user or per organisation.
The pricing, which is only available in selected Western countries, is described as a “limited-time offer”

In a post on the Stack Facebook group, Chip Weatherman, Autodesk’s chief product owner for 3ds Max, describes the Indie deals as a “pilot program”.

via CG Channel

My Take:

I hope this program is successful and expand beyond a year and to other countries, maybe it will get more freelancers into 3D CG maybe even as a side gig. Or help indie animation or game indies.

Maybe this is Autodesk answer to the free upcoming Blender 2.8 release which is getting a lot of hype among the younger crowd. But it could be they want to be like Houdini Indie or they may want to serve a market for Animation students graduation and transitioning to professonal work in CG? Whatever it is I think its a good test step for Maya and 3dsMax to test and see how it can get more people to use their software.

I have trained using both 3dsmax and Maya, and used both for my professional time as a designer / animator and I like the workflows and ease of use the software. I was so excited when I first heard about Maya in 1999-2002 by Alias|Wavefront when I did my Polytechnic diploma, but disappointed it was so much more expensive than 3dsmax. The only way was to go to school to learn or work in a company that can purchase it.’

Over the years There is a huge knowledge base online and resources and muscle memory to using Maya and many schools adopted it to teach animation when it went to Windows NT which was the same year Maya 1 Launched.

I think there room for a few more software to be in the market. Both Autodesk and Blender can co-exist in this market there is much room to grow. But I do not think Maya or 3dsMax is a hobbyist tool since its perception is used for big budget titles and games. I know blender was used in Netflix movies but its more a branding perception than technical one.

There has been a lot of softwares announcements at Siggraph 2019 like Sidefx Houdini solaris, Maxon Cinema 4D R21 and Maya 2019 Bitfrost and UE4 Virtual production. Usually the announcements are centered around a big few like Autodesk, SideFX and Maxon, plus Unity and Unreal Engine.

The software today is so much more powerful than the 1st Maya 1.0 that ran on an SGI machine. You can make almost anything. Which is why I am focusing more to remind myself its not the software you use but the artistic skills you bring and what new view you want your audience to see. I have been reading Seth Godin Book This is Marketing and it ask me to see better and ask who is it for, what I am I creating.

I do agree that cost is one inhibiting factor that sometimes inhibit people to create things and I hope autodesk losen up a bit more similar to Sidefx Houdini maybe one day they will who knows.

A couple of youtube videos also talk about this move by Autodesk and they sound like its a respond to the upcoming Blender 2.8 release.

Here not so positive comments and concerns about the subscription pricing.

Bob Jones
Another desperate attempt to get people off perpetual/maintenance contracts… trick customers into buying a cheap Indie version and then remove said Indie product (‘this was a pilot programme which did not work for us’).
Autodesk clearly have a very low opinion of their customers to think they can bait them like this after the last few years of short sighted profit grabbing. Can they not see the damage that they are doing to their own brand… brainless capitalism at work.

Great news, but a few concerns. If you read Chip’s comments closley “It will auto renew to full price”, which sounds like a bait and switch techniqe to me (an probably breaking a bunch of consumer laws in certain regions). Plus Autodesk’s non commital to the program could put you in the same psition where you switch your pipeline and invest in learning a tool, only to be forced to switch to the full priced licence if Autodesk pull the plug on Indie.

If it becomes a permanent offering and auto-renews to indie, then it will be awesome!


Autodesk launches 3ds Max Indie and Maya Indie