Halo 1999


Today I was listening to Some halo music on Spotify and decided to search for the very first Macworld Halo Trailer.

I cam from a time back when gaming was so different. Gaming news was only released through magazines like EGM and CGW. It was a time of the console wars now its more like streaming wars.

Halo from 1999. Who would not want to take a vacation there?

When I look back I realise the graphics and game animations were more crude by today’s standard but what makes it stand out?

I guess the music the atmosphere the setting?

Somehow the trailer created an emotion in me a sense of mystery and wonder.

I also wondered why Halo became a success culturally?

Maybe it was because Xbox was launching a console against SONY and it helped Bungie get a lot of free marketing.

Maybe it was Network theory That in the abscence of a unified Performance Measuremnt such as Art, it will be the network that decides success.

You can read about it here:

The Formula: The Universa
l Laws of Success Kindle Edition
by Albert-László Barabás)

Whatever it was Halo is cemented as one of the most played Sci-Fi shooter on a console with a recognizable Hero Character Master Chief.

Evolution of Halo:


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