Lion King Deep Fake Fix

Deep Fakes fixes Lion King

Deep fakes AI used to make Lion 🦁 King 👑 back into a cartoon. #deepfakes #lionking got to give them a clap as it looks very close. I foresee the future generation of Artist will be remixers of old movies using this Technology.

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I won’t go into the implication and ethics of this used in fake news but it certainly can be used well in creating blended art styles of art projects.

I myself have only see a few Deep Fakes one by Corridor Digital in the impersonating of Tom Crusise but I think there is other applications it can be used besides prank effects.

If they can combine it to learn art styles, Artist won’t have to spend a lot of time tweaking things in renders and just applying a style filter similar to instagram. The real threat now is those rotoscope artists that are touching up or doing face replacement.

I remembered in Jurassic park they had to paint out one of the stunt actors face and replace it with the Ariana Richard’s face. Go to 41:00

I wonder if they can use deep fakes to fix the sonic movie.

The Reddit Thread Below has a lot of Comments

The deepfake video used drawings by artist Nikolay Mochkin, according to the description posted to YouTube. All in all, the video is the latest example of deepfakes being for a growing number of art projects instead of the democracy-unraveling applications we expected.

Link to the collaboration

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