Blender beaten Maya


Blender 2.8 launched quite a while already. It seems that Blender is coming out strong with this release, after many years of development. There is a lot of nice features from 2D animation to Sculpting and concepts.

But there is another Youtube video taking about how Blender will replace Maya eventually to be an industry Standard.

Here is the original video  by Bugzilla2001 that was on blenderartists on why he thinks Blender will beat out Maya.

The largest forum for Blender 3D artists
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Why I don’t think Blender will Beat maya

Some of these were taken from:

My Main reason people won’t switch is Preferential Attachment it’s why people will still use windows or Oracle. Many will still go with the established players, similarly most wont switch out of Maya yet.

  • Too much years of establishing pipeline it’s costly to change
  • Blender does not play that well with existing pipelines.
  • Many schools (Like 3DSense) are training students in Adobe / Autodesk software so there is a lot of entrenchment in that area once software is taught at school, when they start working in a company that uses Maya, they won’t switch out so easily.
  • Training is costly to re-train existing users
  • Too much knowledge in existing software that’s why Adobe / Autodesk has a monopoly on our muscle memory
  • Blender is also a generalist tool with many features from sculpting to compositing Unlike Zbrush or Houdini, no particular areas of specialization so it does everything but not all of it well.

Blender has a strong chance

Even thought I don’t think Blender will take out Autodesk, I still think that Blender has a chance to succeed in adoption. The market is big enough for many players.

Places where Blender can target if they want to make an impact to a set of users that need its kind of software.

  • Indie game makers
  • Generalist CG artists
  • Freelancers

Right now Blender has to figure out how to Cross the Chasm of existing Artist and bridge new Artist to existing workflows and introduce it to schools.

For me I plan to incorporate Blender into my workflow espicially to make some 2D animated shorts. Similar to this:


Do you plan to switch to Blender this year?

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