Ascendant One

Ascendant One Character Concept Art

First thought of Ascendant One, this was a good looking fast paced action game from the creators of Mabinogi. Sadly The game is due to shut down. (It may be shut down when this is posted)

According to MMO Culture I suspect that the MOBA Genre is at a high saturation point now. And it would be hard for them to be distinct.

A real shame checking out the character models shows the aesthetic is really korean with Sci-Fi Elements. Hoping it was going to come out from Korea.

The game was made by DevCAT using Unreal Engine. I feel that maybe I could use this as inspiration to make my own MOBA Game. To study as a testing case maybe with the paragon characters in UE4.

The current website is still around: and it has a list of the characters lineup here:


Sometimes I wonder why some of these games are so short-lived. The quality bar is very high for some of these Free to Play games but maybe the market is too saturated? I am not sure but it looked like and interesting and exciting action game to play. Korean Games rarely make it to the West or outside of Korea.



Ascendant One – Mabinogi developer reveals debut character trailer for new sci-fi MOBA

CG Models:

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