My 3dsense Experience part 2

Clarke Quay, Singapore

Continuation from my previous post about my experience in 3dsense on the course subjects. This post will go into some lessons I learnt during the 1 Year and making a demo reel.

By the time you reach the end of Term 1 you will have a generalist portfolio at this point you will go into one of the 3 tracks Animation, Modelling andd VFX.

Foundations Matter

Regardless in any specialization, making the right foundations are needed to start off.

The first 3 months were focused on Art Foundations.

Things like lighting and how it works.

Image via

Perspective. How we see the world.

Color Values.

How old painters created art using paint to make an image.

Learning a simple CG pipeline from concept to final image.

Learning how to gather reference and what is good reference. Sometimes not all reference you find on YouTube is good.

You may need to shoot your own reference.

Also go back to foundations of Art when in doubt.

Pace yourself

Sometimes it is easy to get caught up seeing others improves and you are still not moving. But it is important to follow your own pace and have a growth mindset as long as you are improving you are fine.

Try not to follow others it may be bad for you as everyone is starting off at a different level.

Learning to learn

It takes time to learn new skills, unfortunately learning art is not the same as installing a computer upgrade.

Take lots of notes. 📝

Everyone learns differently. Some are visual, some Audio base everyone needs a different method of learning and since we can’t retain 100% of a lecture its always impoartant to go through the material twice. I had to do that during rigging classes as I could not understand how to setup a leg rig properly the first time.

The first term it is best to experiment how well you learn. For me its a combination of Visual and Repetition.

Don’t be to Ambitious Seek a growth mindset instead

I learned it the hardway during 2nd Term I tried to do too ambitious animation piece and fell flat. After the 2nd-3rd assignment I was able to temper my project goals to my skillset and see more improvement immediately.

Learned to Re-Do a piece

This is something I learned early on frm my instructor Venny. Most times if you encounter a problem say like sculpting you might need to redo during the early phases.

Better to start from scratch than go down many steps later and you can’t correct it.

It is not costly as it saves time down the road. The only time you should not redo a piece is when you are at the polishing stages. Thankfully I did this a couple of times so learning the production process was vital to ensure you don’t slip up at the later stages. Always setup your Blocking phase well and the rest will be smooth.

That’s it for the lessons I learnt. Now on to making a demo reel and finding a job.

Creating a Demo reel

Creating a demo reel needs to be targeted Term 2 and 3 you will make enough work to be able to compile into a demo reel.

This was perhaps the most easy part of the process except trying to do some pieces with lighting and rendering. I am not a good lighter but got a basic setup in Arnold to render a few pieces.

Then I put all my clips in Premiere Pro and reviewed it with My instructor to see what works. My final demoreel was then cut down to about 1 min?

Getting a Job Resumes and Companies

We were in luck that the school was able to get Silver Ant 🐜 (Which has a partnership with Polygon Pictures) from Malaysia to come down and talk with us graduating batch. The school tries their best to get companies in the region to come so that we can drop in the resume and demo reel.

Post course

I have not been doing any animation for a while and moved into something else for the time being.

I tried to apply to various local companies and see if the needed animators bit sadly I could not get any opportunities.

Post course I am doing some UI Developer related Front-End Web development. There is still animation there but not characters, instead a lot of motion graphics design work for commercials and corporate videos.

Would I recommend the course. Absolutely. Its one of the best Training schools here in Singapore that offers a comprehensive look at How CG movies are made and you learn a lot of the most up to date pipelines and workflows.

Hope this post helped.

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