Japanese Studio Moving to Blender


I wrote previously why Blender won’t repalce maya for a while. Looks like this might change for the Anime Creators wanting to get into making Anime. It seems like the chatter is positive.

Studio khara is primarily a 3dsmax shop so it will be interesting to see how they will use Blender in their upcoming productions.

I am keen to see how grease pencil will be used for Anime and I think its a Good thing that it can help Japanese animators lower their production costs.

Studio ArtFX has a nice video about this as it’s founder is very involved with Cel Shaded Anime renderings



Japanese anime studio Khara moving to Blender

Japanese Anime studio Khara is switching its primary 3D CG tools to Blender


Personally I have been following blender and this might make me want to learn it even more.

I was previously learning OpenToonz but now make look at Blender for fun to see how it can create 2D Visuals Quickly.

It is interesting to see how an open sourcec project can change things. I noticed that many companies are now relasing Opensource projects as a gateway into their Tech Eco System.

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