Cocos BCX a Gaming Blockchain

I recently came across Cocos BCX its by the developers of Cocos2DX and Cocos Creator. Their aim is to make a decentralized ecosystem of procuders and consumers.

I feel as a deveoper now I would love to have some blackchain tech integrated into a game engine to experiment with, and it lookes like Cocos BCX might do that.

I recalled at a gaming talk one of the speakers was saying Blackchain can help gaming one ways was to build assest that is immutable. Like a sword used in a game if it passed on it can change properties based on players usages and you can see the past owners and what they did to it before.

Other things blockchain can do is making sure digital assets from content creators are monetize and properly copyright to the original owner. Many digital assets like 3D models and images are copied easily as there is no way to lock down the source and prevent duplicates.

Another use case is preventing of fraud in payments of items.

I am still new to blockchain and crypto currencies but its fascinating and I am hopeful that Developers and creators of games can be paind even more fairly rather than going through a centralized system like Steam which charges 30% cut that is if your games does well.

Blockchain has been around for a while thanks to bitcoin, but Etherum has enables new open platforms that goes beyond the crypto currency and allows you to build apps.

I would not mind earning some extra cash off the platform like Cocos BCX if I can understand the ecosystem and incentives of the platform. Maybe if I make a game the assets can be monetize and of influencers place the game they can get paid too through the platform to promote the game.

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