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William Desk Thoughts #007

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Another Journey

I am planning to write a blog post about my next journey how to move from Animation to Being a developer. I am currently working on Front End web stuff at the moment with some Javascript animations.

There are days I do wish I could do sketching and animating and hone that craft but the realities of living in a red dot 🔴 it might not be possible for now. Maybe as a side thing who knows.

Keeping a sketchbook or digital workbook

I still think 💭 it’s important to draw even a small sketch a day as it’s to remind me to use my hands. At nights I open Maya and 3dsmax and work it with the Malcolm rigs to practice my CG Skills, or build a small architecture project. Parts of me can’t let go that I did this stuff throughout my early career after leaving school (This was before going to 3dsense)

Not an Influencer Or Content creator

I wrote about Content Creators can be more than just Youtbers and anyone that makes content for digital media is a content creator. There is a discussion on Twitter that talks about how & what it taes to be a successful content creator.


All of the Content creation activites are quite time intensive and it may take away time for me to create my own things.

It takes a lot of time to plan shoot and edit videos for YouTube. And unless you are full-time filmmaker doing this day in day out it’s hard to also getting a lot of attention on the platform.

I feel that maybe perhaps it’s better to write on this blog, I have dabbled with Podcasts on Anchor where I can record anywhere just using my iPhone. Streaming on Twitch was also fun I enjoy playing games and showing my desktop 🖥 on what I am working on, though that is not just as good as you do need time and some minimal hardware. I don’t think I will invest in doing content marketing for now besides text, podcast and the occasional game stream.

All Rusty Rust Language

Interest in Rust. A new programing language by the Research Group at Mozilla (Makers of Firefox).

I have to say that my Tech Geek of being distracted by Shiny new things, this got me up to see what its all about. I heard of Rust quite a while back but never gotten into it as like this video says you should go where the business needs are for tech. Which at the time last year 2018 based on a Stackoverflow survey it was still HTML, CSS, Javascript and Python or C#.

I plan do do a Hello World just to see what it’s like. I do wonder how it can be used for game dev and web dev. At the moment I am exploring Python and React.

Should I learn Rust? Over at an article on Tech Republic it says there is a lot of interest in the language but you won’t see Jobs listing yet.

I tried learning C++ for Unreal Engine and Lumberyard but still trying to grasp it. I have better luck learning how to program using Python and Javascript. Rust maybe a good way to refresh my learnings about C Pointers and understanding how a game engine works. But I understand its still meant for game engine code and not editor UI or setting up your game world as least there is not much info on how to make a game design around just codes.

Rust it seems was to solve a problem about writing code that is closer to the Hardware to get performance with more safety nets unlike C++.

It sounds like its very suited for a niche type of developer such as games development. I see if it can enable the next gen game engines that would be great But right now its still ahobbyist type of thing

I have heard that Facebook wants to use Rust for their Libra cryptocurrency. So maybe I might learn it just to dabble in blockchain and networking of native apps.

Embark Studios also have taken an interest in Rust their Github page outlines some of the projects they are tracking and developing Rust for game development.

All I can say is RUST is something I would keep an eye and try out making a small game with it or a web project.

I have looked at a video by Lisa Passing on how she made a super simple game in rust and it makes me encouraged to want to try it out to learn how to understand more about Systems.


Rust as a Game Programming Language: Is it any good?