Website A Year in Review

A write up on my last year hosting this WordPress blog.

So far this blog is 1 year old. Looking back I went and renewed this site for another year after cancelling my Artstation Pro account, to put more resources here for a while.

I have written about 120 plus blog post so far (Maybe more by the time of posting), trying to document my journey of learning CG and animation, and there has been a couple of popular posts or rather things I recorded down or just curated.

Top Posts

First is Hungry days Anime featuring Kiki as a teenage high school girl 👧 🐈 🧹

The 2nd One is on Amazon Lumberyard 1.15 Review 🌲 I will be updating more of my journey with Lumberyard here and here

Based on these 2 posts, I may do something related to Anime / Animation and Game Development with Lumberyard.

Some learning points

One of my main reasons to have a blog is to document my journey in 3dsense and my creations I plan to share plus other observations on design, Technology and work and anything in between.

But lately it has been interesting to see that Blogs today are different from back then in the pre social media era.

I can say that blogs are just a way to share information and a gateway to your products or services.

Blogging in 2019 (A Strange Place)

I started out blogging in WordPress a long time ago on the early then moved into a shared anime hosting blog. I was really into anime back then check out my old Flickr.

Blogging is in a strange place now unlike back in 2003 where I started it was dominated by RSS Readers. I took a break from blogging as I felt that I was not hitting it big since the blog was just mainly anime.

Today in 2019 and possibly 2020. You still need a website. I went all in with WordPress for the last year because that was what I knew best back in the blogging days of old.

I do not know what will happen with this blog. Or the website but I am keen to try to build my own product or a company brand….

Not sure what kind of monetization for the blog or this might transition into a web app. Either way I want to document it in writing for as long as I can.

Going forward.

I was reading profitpress about how to make money from this blog some were affiliate marketing, but I did write about the problem with niches and don’t want to make it just a SEO gateway to some e-commerce site. Maybe for the next website. But I don’t think marketing is my skill set yet.

Podcasting and Streaming

i thought of getting back into Podcasting or Streaming on Twitch and Mixer. I don’t intent to do the whole social media game as it’s too time consuming and you have to spend a lot to get reach.

I have dabbled in some twitch streaming maybe I might extend it to Mixer too and more regularly I find it better to just stream than do YouTube as the expectation now is to give quality edited slick videos and you have to constantly upload to the algorithm. On Twitch it’s less formal and I am not so worried about copyright music. YouTube you get taken down or flagged fast which I am ok with now but it can get annoying if you want to monetize that video.

Making Gumroads Products

Something else I thought I can do by providing guides maybe well designed one on Animation and Lumberyard? Maybe something useful to beginners or teaching Fundamentals?


All I can end is that Blogging was fun even though social media was on the rise. Though I think it has peaked. Maybe blogs will still be around alongside new media.

let me know in the comments if you still blog.

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