Mischief is discontinued what alternatives

Updated Post here for free and paid infinite canvase Apps for Mobile and Desktop

So I got an email from The Foundry that they will discontinue their drawing and sketching program Mischief.

I rarely used it but it had one unique feature of having an infinite canvas that you can zoom in an out in and create this picture in picture demos without running of of space all in a single file.

Sadly I think this did not work out for The Foundry when they acquired Mischief. Maybe uptake was too small.

It seems that according to CG channel it’s infinite Canada tech was implemented in it’s VR sculpting software.

Check out this past demo:

On the forums at Foundry: https://community.foundry.com/discuss/topic/148807/mischief-no-more

If you have used Mischief here is some alternative software Free and Paid.

COREL Painter

Corel Painter can be used for concept art and digital illustrations.

I have used Corel products in the past and found them to replicate the actual brush and paint strokes of traditional artists. Stability wise it was not so good compared to photoshop but this new couple of releases are rather good. Products come in 2 versions:  Corel Painter Essential the basic program with simpler brushes & Corel Painter which is their main pro app.

Links are Amazon Affiliates

Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

This one came from Autodesk and is good for its comic market brushes and Industrial Drawing design workflows there is a free version and Paid yearly version. Many concepts can be created with its drawing tools.

Clip Studio Paint

This one is from japan I have not used it much but am impress with the Manga Inking capabilities. If you are into 2D Animation it can create 2D sprites as well.


I have blogged about it before and its a free tool for using to create Manga and Digital illustrations. Its free for the tools it provices and is a good alternative.

Krita the Open Source Paint program

nice open source alternative that is comparable to Corel Painter. The paint and brush tools have really improved a lot in the recent versions.

Sadly all these tools don’t have the infinite canvas tech. But I hope it makes its way back someday in another painting software.