Earn BAT Brave Tokens from Coinbase

Want to earn some Free Brave BAT Tokens ? Try the Coinbase course and earn some BAT tokens from Brave. This will go into your Coinbase wallet by default. But beyond that I don’t see much ways to earn BAT Tokens. The only trouble is most of these BAT Tokens has to be earn in your desktop Brave Browser. Even my website has more Mobile users than desktop ones. I do not know when you can start earing Tokens on your Mobile Brave browser.

While I think the Brave browser is a good alternative to chrome besides Firefox. There were some concerns that it won’t be private but I am not sure if they can beat Google Adsense or Bing Ads. I surf more on my mobile even half of my traffic here has mobile user so I am not sure how brave will impace the Ad space with thier tokens if they start incentivising on desktop

One thing for sure is that WordPress might be transformed by the block chain in the future. Something I would like to experiment more with.

I am trying to see if blockchain can be integrated into WordPress though I am not sure how. I hope content like these post can be monetized through the blockchain or at least be credited back here.

Anyway I have been reading a book on Blockchain by Don Tapacot where he outlines the possible use case scenarios for Blockchain beyond bitcoin.

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