Thoughs of the Week

Thoughts of the Week #008

Moving on

Sometimes in life you are at a stage where you learn something more about yourself and you could freeze there for a moment or you could just move. It’s hard sometimes depending on context but in Career context it’s best to just move on to the next best thing and not dwell too much on the past. I am 3 months into my UI developer Job and barely touched Animation except sometimes in the night I fire up Maya for a few round with rigs.

Growing old in Tech

Justinjackson had a great talk and tweet on Gorwing Old in Tech. This is something I feel it’s not discussed much and how one can deal with cultural stereotyping of older and younger folks.

Check out his talk and tweet on it.

Social media

Something I have been trying is to rely less on social media it’s a distraction and I feel that if this blog needs more traffic I probably would have to pay for it.

But I won’t discount it if you are a marketer social media is the channel today to reach the mass audience.

For me What I am experimenting doing games and animation and development work, it’s still niche just something I won’t use right now.

Most of my site traffic comes from Organic Search from Google and Duckduckgo (Surprisingly!)

If you want to read the latest on quitting social media, here is a podcasts interviewing Cal Newport on Digital Minimalism:

CM 125: Cal Newport on Digital Minimalism

Game engine roundup

I have worked with this engines for a while the last year on and off trying to understand game development in General.

  • Unity3d
  • Unreal Engine
  • Lumberyard
  • CryEngine V

I haved tinkered with Unity for a while and find it the easiest to get into and understand how to attach beheaviours to components. But if you want to make anything more thank simple beheaviours you need serious C# coding. I have not used Unity3d much when I started unreal but its a good way to make simple games in 3D. If I can turn back and start over i will used Godot and Construct 3 instead to learn basic game development.

Unreal is great, I actually followed on of their tutorial series to make a character move. but I have not tried it to compile for iOS or Windows and with Windows 7 going out the window I think it will be a while before I compile a game to deploy it. There are some new things going on for Epic with thier Own Epic store and Fortnite and Online Services, so some of those tech and integrations will be coming into UE4 sometime in the future. Unfortunatly if you really want to get into Unreal you will need to learn C++ which can be intimidating for some coming from a design background. I really enjoyed using this engine as it forced me to learn all about 3D Art creation, programming basics and general game development their documentation is good as well.

Lumberyard I still keep using it cause it’s based on CryEngine 3.6 tech and the License is free. There has been lots of improvements and I hope it will be taken further. I am surprised it can Run on my old Dell m4600. The next step would be learning about AWS and designing a game around it. I still find the long creations time of a project just to get it setup way to long than UE4 and Unity. Even Cryengine V is faster. Also the Install is rather large.

Cryengine has been making lots of strides lately and they released a video showing ray tracing on mid end hardware specs. Recently 5.6 got released and it looks like it has improved since the first CEV was released both UX and Tech. I say it is easier to use than Lumberyard in some cases and can compete with Unreal Engine. The engine has C# implemented into it as well though I have not tired C# in Cryengine outside of Unity. I will have to see how this pans out.  The one feature I am looking forward to see is their Ray Tracing solution on mid-end hardware.

I am hoping one day Cryengine comes to iOS so that it can expand beyond just PC and Consoles. Maybe C# might help with its connection to MonoGame?

Right now I a Making a small data set of an Architecutre project titled “Lumberyard food hall”. Using it as a base to import the model and do all the lighting and rendering in Engine plus add some player interactions.

I feel I am really spoilt for choice in game engines so I think its important to learn Game Design Fundamentals, Art Creation and programming to make your game.

Game making is fun though I am not sure if I can make a dent as in selling an indie game and monetizing it. Probably that is like step 10 down the road.

Learn the Fundamentals

In whatever you do learn the fundamentals it will carry with you throughout your learning journeys. Tech may change but fundamentals stay the same. This is also mention by Satya Nadella

Forms will change, functions will change, devices will change, he explained, and so, “You can’t fall in love with this one thing becoming the hub for all things and for all time to come.”

This video explains to learn your programming fundamentals. Figure out what people are not doing and what the market needs.

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