Don’t Google your idea

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Sometimes I come up with an idea for a character, design or a business idea. I would go to Google to check out what others have done. Google is a platform for answering questions and chances are there is already something out there.

Browsings the searhc results I quickly feel less inclined to work on my idea.

Maybe we all have been trained to just Google things. And then in-action takes over.

Here is something else to do instead.

Write it down and Leave it alone

I find it is better to write the idea down it alone for a week. Write it down somewhere, like evernote, Trello or something else. I took this from a creative idea course.

And the reason is that sometimes we need to let the idea to work out in our mind psyche.

This creates a space for the idea to breath because not all ideas translate into good ventures. Whether for generating Business ideas or learning new skills.

Googling your idea may be a good way to check out competion and see what the market has decided on Why its becuase you Google it you see others doing it and sometimes it might make you think whats the point there is so much competition or my own solution is not good enough (Due to comparison).


After a week go back to the idea and start refine it, it could be scoping it down or changing the timelines or finding additional resources what every it is take another pass and it beofre taking action.

In fact this may go on for a few rounds before the real action begins.

Hope this helps. This is my thinking on this as sometimes I generate too many ideas.


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