The Death Stranding Tokyo Game Show

IGN released a nice translation of the game demo shown at TGS.

I remembered watching the first trailers for Death Stranding and wonder what is this game that Hideo Kojima was making. IGN has compiled the lastest trailers.

Initially it looked like a crazy mind trip. With dead flowers 💐, dead crabs 🦀 and upside down whales 🐳

But the recent trailers and gameplay showcased at TGS showed what it’s about and it even has peeing in game. It feels like a realistic science fiction game with supernatural elements. There is also a lot meta commentary on Society one is post apocalyptic themes or how society is fragmented and needs to be reconnected.

This gameplay goes into what you can do in Sam’s private room

There are many theories about dying and rebirth mechanics and the ideas Of connection with one another through multiplayer.


Some impressions of the gameplay

Having played the MGSV and Kojima take on open world I find Death Stranding looking similar where you need to travel large distances to reach a goal and cross obstacles in a more realistic way.

via Gfycat

The UI designs look like it’s taken a modern aesthetic similar to the Division. Where information is overlayed over the terrain kind of similar to AR devices. Sam makes a pulse it gives infomation on the depth of the river.

Gameplay wise there seems to be a mechanic where the balance will affect your momements in the game maybe the time it takes to deliver stuff would be longer.

Sam doing a weight balancing act via Gfycat

There also many ways you can traverse the landsacpes to get to your destination. Suchs as a ladder, hover boarding

Hover Board via Gfycat

via Gfycat

There is a mechanic to take hot baths during your deliveries.

Graphics and Art wise the digitization of the Actors Norman and Max could not looked more life like as ever this makes me feel that now there are ways to utilize actors for digital games.

I like that Death Stranding is trying something new and perhaps maybe we might only understand it years after.

Game marketing

I feel the marketing for this game has been executed pretty well similar to how MGSV was marketed. There are product tie ins with Monster Drink where Norman can use it to boost his stamina in the gameplay.

Right now if you want to play Death Strandjng it will be on PS4 but there is some rumors it might come to PC. I really do hope it comes I think Epic might make a deal but who knows. It will be good as more people will get to play it. I am also keen to see how the Decima Engine performs on PC hardware.


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Death Stranding’s 2nd Gameplay Footage At Tokyo Game Show 2019 I Watch It Here

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