Syd Fields Screenwriting workshop online

I really like Syd Field lecture on screenwriting, chance upon his lecture while browsing YouTube. This is the same author that wrote the book “Screenplay: the Foundations of Screenwriting” that helped James Cameron with his writing of Terminator screenplays. The Lectures might be old but its a good resource to get started with Screen Writing. Even if you are doing a small corporate video.

Part 1 of his workshop:

What is the Difference between a screenplay and novel?

A novel, action takes places in the characters head, in the mindscape of dramatic action.

A screenplay is a story told in pictures place in the context of dramatic structure, told with dialogue and description.

How to write a screenplay?

Star with an idea.

Idea formed into a subject. The subject is an action and character.

Who is the story about? Who is the main character what happens to him at the end?

Define the story and who it is about.


I will be reading more of his books to learn more about filmmaking process of writing. Its an interesting exercise of trying to use words to describe pictures.

If you prefer a book I recommend the kindle version which has  3 of his books,

The Essential Screenplay (3-Book Bundle): Screenplay: Foundations of Screenwriting, Screenwriter’s Workbook, and Screenwriter’s Problem Solver in 1 book.

Foundations of Screenwriting:


Syd Field’s interview with James Cameron:

James Cameron Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Part I)

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