A Personal Website


Remembering What the Web looked like

This week in my email I can across a post by Tobias Vân Schneider from his blog about his love letter to Personal Websites. It’s quite a long read and it takes me back to remembering when flash was a thing on the web with all its animations and highly unsbutle  choices of design thrown at you in banner ads and other interactive experiences.


The Matrix movie website with flash. This was my internet back then.

It was costly to own a personal website on the internet back it the day and it seems to have come down dramatically thanks to cheap hosting and software like WordPress.

But then came the Social Media wave and sometimes I wonder whether it’s good to put your own profile on Social Platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn etc to be an extension of your digital portfolio when you present yourself instead of having your own little corner on the web. Even websites like Behance and Artstation offer blogging services for your work for a small fee.

Some will opt for these platforms instead of running their own website.

After reading through the blog post it that got me thinking again about what I have been trying to do with my own blog and portfolio. What kind of impression I want to make. And more importantly who controls what I say or do on the internet.

But the real truth is that as long as we’re putting our work in someone else’s hands, we forfeit our ownership over it. When we create a personal website, we own it – at least to the extent that the internet, beautiful in its amorphous existence, can be owned.

Blogging 3.0

There has been much written about whether you should own a blog in an age of social media. I see new content creators go all in on YouTube but sometimes you never know what gets censored or shut down. Just like Yahoo Geocities.

These days I feel that owning a little corner of the internet might not be for all. It can be a hassle if you don’t like dealing with WordPress software, it can get very complicated with all the plugins and themes. But because of the customization you can change it to suit your needs.

I feel that as long as I can keep paying for my hosting I am happy that the site and my own persona lives on despite what new marketing trends come about. I doubt I will make a ton of money online through a blog those days are long gone. Its more of a digital name card these days for me to showcase work and how I want to present it.

Blockchain and Pillar Content

One thing I have experimented with is to create my Pillar Conent here and distribute it across social. But on the platforms because reach now you need to pay for it I rarely go and boost my posts.

Some things I am trying to experiment is with Blockchain based platforms like Steem and Publish0x. these allow you to earn some Crypto for your work. But it is yet to be seen if it takes off.

Did you ever have a personal website?