Mortal Engines a Short Review

Just watched the movie and One thing that strikes me is the highly steampunk fantasy style.

The main character feels like a story about society where one becomes the authorial government swallowing up smaller machines which are metaphors of countries.


The film has a very high visual design of steampunk. Which is a treat if you like to watch that kind of aesthetic. I thought it was a fascinating trip into the steam punk word where cities are imagined as a hugh moving city devouring up smaller cities for parts. Design wise it’s top notch from Weta Workshop and it really fleshed out the Post Apocalytic world in a nice fashion. There is a gritty feel and a well thought out design of how the inhabitants survive.


The characters were not that all drawn out Hester Shaw felt like we could not feel her need for revenge. Tom while starting out as a lowly historian rose up to the occasion to take on the Evil London City. He eventually got his dream fulfiled of being an aviator.

I can’t comment about the acting but its really fits well into this world they did an ok job of fleshing out what it would be like to live in this kind of setting but nothing that draws me in or something I can relate to. It seems they are just there as a story guide rather than someone actually living there.

Other Impressions:

Sadly I read that this movie did not do so well which is a shame. It feels like a really interesting world seeing how much effort went into designing it. The story could have been more relatable as it does not reflect the times since the book was written so long ago. London is not really a Super Power like its portrayed in the Movie. But I feel if you need a good ride and effects filled film with a Post Apocalyptic setting, Mortal Engines is a nice movie that brings that to the screen.

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