Kodak Super 8 Camera 🎥

Kodak Super 8 Camera via NFS
Kodak Super 8 Camera via NFS

Kodak Super 8 Announced

Kodak announced a Super 8 Camera at 2016 CES. I remembered the camera Ads for film to take your Kodak moments

Judging from the Industrial design I expected no less from Yves Behar to update the old camera style for a modern digital edge. Though I wished it had more bevels.

The last time I shot on film was a Stills camera. A Kodak Moment.

I have been shooting on Digital Cameras starting with VHS, then with DV Cameras by Sony, Canon DSLR, GoPro Cameras and with my iPhone the technology never stops.

In comes Kodak to reboot their Super 8 Camera. Its a film based camera that was brought back and is suppose to set an Analog Renaissance.

But at this moment its still developing and no word on its release and its expected to have a hefty price when launch closes to a prosumer camera price. Not for hobbyist or casual users.


Test Footage from Kodak Super 8 camera.

Film vs Digital

I recently re-watached the Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan who shot the film on IMAX, and it still looks great today visually for a superhero movie and I re-looked at Jurassic Park and its digital Dinosaurs composited onto film plates. Somehow even though these were shot on film and transferred digitally to bluray or netflix, the visuals still hold up.

Despite the entrants of many Digital Cameras like ARRI, RED and SONY. There is something about the grain and texture of film that seems analog we can relate to. I do not know why.

In fact some of Hollywood famous directors want to keep film alive by shooting major production on it to keep film processing Kodak going. https://www.slashfilm.com/nolan-film-deal/

But Film is expensive and there is not much chance to learn or practice the craft of shooting of film as am amatuer. Thats why most filmmakers just get a Digital Camera and go make their movies.

Dedication to Craft

One problem with digital is it is too fast everyone now has a camera than can share to instagram in seconds there is not craft.

I would want to try my hand at filmmaking with a Super 8 camera and to see what kind of results it would entail. I think it will make me re-look at how I approach the filmmaking process in how to acquire and plan shots since you cant undo once you do a Take on Film. I believe I will feel more emotional with the footage.

Right now Kodak has a chance to appeal to creators that want to try a new medium they have never got to try before and introduce them to an Analog Digital Hybrid way of shooting. I never really thought of going back to film but there is something about analog that stills appeals to me and it can placate my Digital fatigue. Makes me want to be different for a while.





10 Reasons Why Filmmakers Should Shoot Film (According to Kodak)

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