Addicted to motivation (Inspiration)

Too much Aspiration, Motivation and Inspiration

I chose a Bill Gates video. His face is used everywhere. 

Are we addicted to inspiration?

I recently read something about this we spent a lot of time on youtube or Instagram loooking for answers or motivation.

Want to start a business there are 1000 Youtube and podcast episode waiting to push you to get motivated and even more related content such as interviews and such.

But this leads to a large rabbit hole 🕳 of endless stream of media.

I love watching some of these videos but right now there are just too many of it and some are pseudo wannabes. Some videos do give me the inspiration and motivation but many times I get stuck watching related videos.

The need to take action

Perhaps what we need to do is just take action. As cliche as it sound.

Just figure out your One Thing you want to do right and next week, and next month and next year.

Someday you will reach your goal.


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