Blizzcon 2019 Overwatch 2 Diablo IV No more phones

Blizzcon came and Blizzard announced a new Diablo 4 and overwatch game with trailers and gameplay.

The games really have a strong brand and the trailers were able to get people at Blizzcon a hardcore PC group excited about their upcoming branded properties.

I will go into breaking down the trailers for animation.

Diablo IV – Finally A game for those with No Phones 📵


The animation of the characters were so lifelike which could be mistaken for a movie.

Color wise it used a nice dark palette as red you could differentiate each scene of who

The ending was interesting with the Three they Come symbolism to summon diablot but instead we get Lilith a female.

Diablo returns to the gritty and sininster world. The animations are of characters that are so life like I think they used mocap for this one but even lookng at it from a glance it can come off as a live action movie.

Positive Crowd reaction at Blizzcon 2019 for Diablo 4

Overwatch 2

I like the over watch shorts a lot they have so much character and personality to them

The animation has a great sense of scale and reintroducing the characters even in a short story you get a sense of the characters with its distinct

No More Phones

I like that these games are coming out on PC despite the rush to make a mobile game.

Pressure is on for Blizzard to deliver the games at a higher quality and bring everyone in in an inclusive world.

A diablo mobile game is still interesting.