Moving beyond fan art as a creator

I came across this post when I happened to browse Facebook about a creator who started by selling fan art prints at artist alley tables at conventions and move on to something else, by making his own stuff instead.

The lessons maybe for graphic artist but it can apply elsewhere too.

Things he noticed about how artist at conventions were just making themselves loose in a corner due to chasing trends.

  1. Fan Art Print burnout, everyone was competing in the same IP Batman, Harley Quinn etc. There is no more room for prints it’s saturated.
  2. Some started to chase new trends like pins but they sold less than a print.
  3. Instead Put something of equal value on the old prints
  4. Start by creating new things Fans want something FRESH you can’t keep selling the same stuff like you did 5 Years sgo
  5. Up your quality that’s means taking some risk in spending money sometimes
  6. Engagement with audience at Cons. Laugh Joke and interact. Their support of your product is based on how you interact with them.

The truth is we don’t own the copyright to some of these famous IP and I myself wanted to do my own style of Star Wars characters and make t shirts.

Fan Art is just a short term gain and it will be much better to keep making your own stuff.

This was a timely reminder as Long as we can create there is no shortage of ideas how to make and sell things really inspiring post.

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