Pick a Day Job

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Why is working a day job ok. You don’t have to monetize your passion or interests immediately.


I was hoping to work as an animator or as a content creator full time, but it seems I may need to put that aside for a while. Some of us may have dreams to start a business maybe online or being a social entrepreneur.

Seanwes made a podcast about this to have a day job and do an overlap.

Not everyone is suited for the freelaner or entrepreneur lifestyle as they call it and will win it once they start. Before there were many who jumped on being a content creator with the idea to make more money. Despite all the promises it’s more competition and harder to monetize all the channels.

Which means for me having a day job and working on the side would be better for now.

Why having a Day Job is great

Financial Certainty

Every month I know I will get a paycheck. This gives me a financial grounding to work off a base.

Learning new Skills

Going to a day job some of these companies provide training and other OJT fore skills not taught if you can learn on someone else done why not.

10% Entrepreneur idea

I rather try being a 10% entrepreneur, which is actually from a book 📚 I was reading, because the success rate of succeeding at a venture is slim or none. Most startups would be struggling or become zombies 🧟‍♀️ or just fail on arrival.

Yes some are lucky, when they go into the profession they are passionate about, or start a business, success just falls onto them instantaneously. But maybe for other we would need more time to gather our resources and prepare for things.

Don’t Give up on your dream

No! But I am modifying it to suit my needs. At least for a while. I don’t think everyone should go work on doing something risky like starting a new business venture or similar when there is no safety nets.

Not all Advice is individualized

Don’t listen to business Gurus who sell you aspiration, it’s all hard work which is surprising cause even business gurus say that themselves and most time only a small percentage make it.

Having a day job provides stability and funds. It keeps you afloat for another year.

It also gives you a chance to explore things on the side without the pressure to make sure it works out to have it making money on day one.

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