Games Creator meetup

Recently I went to a Games Design meetup. It was organised by another school Mages similar to 3dsense.

Here are some things I learnt.

  • Starting a Games company is hard. You need to have a team that can gel together
  • Some projects are technically drive but lack the art
  • Some projects were very artistic and technical but lacked a business plan.
  • Work with prototypes first don’t jump straight in.
  • I applaud these guys that showcased their failed game projects and company, for starting something and trying.
  • Games Designs needs meaning.
  • Many roles in the games industry. IT Support, Admin, Creative etc.
  • Animation Redux. A short intro into Animation.
  • Learn the craft not the tools
  • 12 Principles of animation.
  • Met someone doing their own game prototype as a solo person.

There were different people from different industrys and students that attended the event. It was interesting to see and learn more about game development and get a refresher on animation.

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