Quixel joins Epic

News from the Quixel Blog

This is a really Epic Announcement. 3 of the biggest news from Epic and Quixel:

Megascans becomes free for use with Unreal Engine

Megascans subscription prices lowered for everyone

Bridge and Mixer 2020 will be 100% free for everyone

I have recently downloaded Mixer and am excited for it being more integrated with Unreal Engine. Was planning on using it in my texturing alternative to Substance Designer.

It feels much less intimidating getting textures going for your game engine or models.

This is quite a big win as Epic wants to cement itself as a go to DCC app for Real-time CG. I remembered years ago Tim Sweeney talked about Unreal Engine to be more than a games Engine and it’s more more like a platform business where it ecosystem for developers and artist.