PotatoJet buys an Arri Alexa Classic

PotatoJet buying an Arri.

This is one cool video of the process of a filmmaker buying a 2nd hand camera from ARRI. I have written about this in another blog post. Its still a dream camera I hope to use and learn someday. Do note that this camera is not in production and it may be hard to get some of the accessories.

ARRI Says that our eyes are more sensitive to color and contrast

image via No film school 

Here are some things from the video about the pros and Cons


  • Arri Color Science
  • Quality Sensor
  • 1080p HD recording I like this as its fast enough for our PCs to process than 4K
  • 2.8K Output from camera sensor.


  • Not One Man Band Friendly (This requires a crew to setup)
  • Large camera
  • Old Card storage technology
  • Obselete tech even though its good which means not much support from ARRI

I really would like to get this camera someday and with a right two man crew go shoot some film footage.


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