Passion or Money

“The point is this. Just because your passion doesn’t make you money, it doesn’t mean that you need to sell your soul to the devil. There are many in-between. Find a job that pays the bills. Clock in, do your best and clock out. A tuition teacher, a barista, a nanny or even a guard.

I really enjoyed reading this blog post and it got me thinking about my passions like making art (Filmmaking, Animation and sometimes game programming)

Passion can be misunderstood as it was back then many years ago where there were a trend about why you should or should not follow your passion for your career. That was not good advice for new graduates or those entering university.

But that has got to do with doing things blindly and not building up the skills necessary for a fulfilled career.

Outside of career. I think having a passion for something sounds more like hobbies or interests. These passion can become a career or you can monetize it effectively.

But most times they may not.

Sometimes the time to follow your passion may not be right now and you need a day job.

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