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Podcast Episode: CGBOSS Year End Reflection

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After having this website since it’s inception in 2018 I am thinking of refocusing this blog and what it would be for. I talk about in the Podcast about my Blog and Social Media and selling things online.

This blog would still just be for my thoughts on My journey as a digital designer. I would be posting the occasional article 1-2 times a month with a podcast.

Social Media

I have only dabbled in a few social media boosting post right now it’s cheap here in Asia according to Gary Vaynerchuck. It’s quite under priced but there is no true measure of success with running these ads.

I am leaving social media as a strategy when I can afford to pay for engagement on Facebook. I read there is no ROI in social media. All social media is an expense not just money but time and creativity and effort.

I need to learn inbound marketing and find a way to get my name / brand out there. One course is the HubSpot Academy.

On quitting social media entirely, I don’t think I can go cold turkey 🦃 like what cal Newport does quitting all social media, he does not have social media at all. But that is another topic, the benefits of using social media for this blog promotion are minimal when I tried to do cross posting.

I think we should show our work and work in public as mention by Austin Klein but be mindful about the platform treat it as a medium and not a means to an end.

Interestingly I feel that it’s impossible to run away from Social media if you need to use it and a promotional tool to promote your brand or get attention its what this era communication is about.

Making my own product

I think going forward I would like to make my own product. One thing that I have earned money was selling a 3D Model online. There are many tools now available like Gumroad to sell things.

Dropshipping for my own product such as T-Shirt with print on Demand with my own designs.


Affiliate Marketing / Adsense

I realise that doing affiliate marketing can take up a lot of time and like social media it’s may not be for me I am happy with just a simple box ad on the side but trying to write affiliates post is taking away time in creating my own things and documenting about them.

I rather write 1-2x a month Long articles on things I am doing rather than doing weekly reports because sometimes there is nothing else to write I am not a news site.


I really like podcasting, right now it is easy due to the Anchor App, its super easy to setup and get going setting up a podcast. I might buy a better mic to record but I feel i don’t want to spend too much time.

Its much faster than creating a long blog post but blogging can be used as a draft to be used later into a podcast episode.

The blog may be a place to host and archive content.

Podcasting now has results being shown on Google Search results. Which is a good thing hopefully it will scan the words I am saying in the audio file.

My main medium is going more visual and using inbound marketing to drive traffic to products or an online store.


Trying to revamp and get things going.

Making CG BOSS a group for real making stuff for real

Learning Inbound Marketing.

Learning about Dropshipping to sell stuff like my own T-Shirt products.