Voice Search, 2020 Business Marketing, End of Internet business

Voice Search, 2020 Business Marketing, End of Internet business

Image by Social Media HQ
Image by Social Media HQ

So recently I have been watching quite a few videos by Gary Vaynerchuck about building brand on undervalued platforms like TikTok and LinkedIn. I have startd a CG BOSS account for both platforms account and my own William teh Designs on TikTok.

Some things he talk about which is roughly sound the same the year throughout is get over your embarrassment to produce content. Document don’t create, You are in control of what you put out and it takes a lot of work to get an audience. Just give and don’t expect anything in return for a long while.

Marketing in 2020

I feel that Linkedin has a lot of potentional with the right content unlike facbook where its organic reach is going down over the years. Same with instagram, I can only reach 1-2 persons, on LinkedIn I find for my own account it has been better view impressions on a post. The main draw is the interactions with other similar people in your niche or industry.

Organic Reach on underprice attention platforms like TikTok which has exploded the past year 2019.

  • TikTok
  • Linkedin

Focus on building brand

Voice search is coming its not used widely its a growing trend which is why I am starting a podcast so that it can get SEO instead with this blog.

Google has already been training its voice search AI thanks to the phones and YouTube transcription feature for auto subtitles.


2020 Business Trends

It will be harder to start an online business because the market is so saturated. I have not really followed Alex Becker He comes off like a motivational business Guru and he is smart at getting attention on YouTube but from what I have seen he is similar to GaryVee in looking at 2020 differently for Internet Business Niches.

He has his own software business and while he did sell courses in the past like other Business Gurus. He seems to be pivoting to something else and focusing on his own software company. Other Gurus sell a lot of overpriced courses but he is a practitioner in another way.

Some of the things he talk about is how hard it was to start in internet business marketing in the early 2000s. But now its easy but you need to be better than others in your nich focusing on quality.

There is a lot of copycat beheaviour and what might separate you is a focus on product and quality. Target 🎯 very specific niches.

Here are the 3 Videos he has released for his take on 2020 internet Businesses.

View at Medium.com

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