Books for Creative Makers 2020

One thing I am trying to do is read more books this year even if it is just skimming through a few chapters. Whether you are a designer / Animator or Maker, I feel that books can be good gateways to new ideas and are faster to consume than new media, and they are more well researched rather than just googling a few articles or a few random YouTube videos.

Start small and keep in touch with the habit make it easy and obvious for the “reward” and Slay that Social media Monster. Of course this can be over simplified but you get the idea.

A couple of ways to read is to use Kindle and My National Library App to read as much books as possible my system is simple just keep loading up books in the app and read till I drop out for a while and go on to the next book.

Here are some books I have read or am reading, to kick-start your reading year.

Chase the Lion

Chase the Lion

Quit playing it safe and start running toward the roar! 

I really like this book Title Chase the Lion, that Mark Batterson writes with a simple way and shows that its not just another Purpose Drive book, through his words he encourages us to go after our God Sized Dreams. There is an opportunity to find what scares you this year and go purse it.

This may be an old book but it is still relevant today to jolt us into action for opportunities and challenges.

Do you have dreams that are burried underneath? Maybe its time to go three levels down just like inception to unearth those dreams.


The Ride of the Lifetime

The Ride of a Lifetime by Robert Iger

The Ride of a Lifetime: The book chronicles the life of CEO of Disney Bob Iger one thing that remarked me about his ascent was he took a very long route to get where he is. starting out at the lowest rung of the television industry at ABC to later being President of ABC and then being Shafted aside in Disney and then to CEO.

It’s a book that is filled with life lessons on leadership and dealing with a complex organization and preparing it for the digital age as well as the acquisitions of companies like Pixar and Marvel.

This book is good for anyone that wants to read about Disney history but more importantly to learn leadership lessons and dealing with disruptions, building culture and staying level headed in unexpected times.



Ultralearning I have written a short review about this book. It really got me thinking to pursue projects so that I can stay relevant by learning new skills.

ADHD A Hunter in a Farmer’s World


I started reading this book due to hearing about people with special needs and why some entrepreneur are dubbed to have ADHD. This book tries to share methods for ADHD individual that can live in our Farmer society and learn to use their abilities to push boundaries and projects forward.

Lean Branding

Lean Branding

This is part of the Lean Searies like Lean UX. It has concise writing and actionable guides to get started with Bradning. You can use this for your project or startups.h

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