The Glassworker

The Glassworker

The Glassworker

This is an inspiring story about how an animation studio, Mano Animation started in the most unlikely places Parkistan with no background and industry to being with.

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“The Truth is because there is no industry in Parkistan there are no rules. And because there are no rules there are no restrictions.”

Ted Talk Kyoto

Usman Riaz tells his story about how he got into Animaiton on TED. How he was inspired to create the first Animation. He shares how his love of animation led him down the path to learn more. He got to learn how the Japanese Animation made their films unlike the west which is more compartmentalized.

This led him to start Parkistan first animation studio making hand drawn animation.

H searched for like minded creatives.e

I feel that he has inspired me to continue down the path of being an animator and like he said if there are no rules you can make it up. Not everyone will work in the studio system, but maybe now is the time to create and find an audience online.

A short video and behind the scenes

TED Talk in Middle East