Nima and Flare now Rive

Nima and Flare now Rive App

Recently I logged back in to 2D Dimentions Nima and Flare which is nore renamed to Rive. Its the same thing just consolidated into one application. They are also commited to Open Design Tools for everyone to use.

I really like the vision of the app going forward as a replacement for flash. With their recent announcement of raising some VC funds, I look forward to the app improving and reaching more designers and animators.

As software continues to eat the world, applications are becoming richer, more immersive, and more personal. But there has been a vacuum for high quality, dynamic animation since Flash (rightfully) went away. Without Flash, building animations for mobile and web became a major undertaking which requires a dance of designers, animators and engineers to spend hours in polishing an experience. There are lots of reasons to be critical of Flash, but it was an incredible tool for rapid creative expression — from games to art to applications. Without it, creative expression has been limited in the animation world by the weak tools and cumbersome workflows. The twin brothers — Luigi and Guido — observed this challenge first-hand and started Rive to make animation building simple and delightful again. It’s not hard to recognize this is a perfect duo that combines creative experience design with precise engineering execution, who are going to create something truly special that transforms how games and apps are built going forward.

— David Ulevitch, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

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