Amazon Lumberyard Tutorial: Setting a Start Map

Once you have some level edits you can use the Lumberyard Launcher.exe to preview the level in its own Window. This is the process I used to test a simple level. I recorded parts of it in a Twitch Stream.

Watch Highlight: Amazon Lumberyard Switching Maps / Auto Load in the Launcher from cgboss on

First Launch:


Go to your Limberyard Directory and Locate the devBin64vc141. There will be a a launcher with your Project_Name, ProjectNameLauncher.exe

Unfortunaly it starts out blank after seeing the Lumberyard Logo. There will be no

Go back to the Editor and Export your level this will make sure the Game Launcher has the latest level Data to run.

Menu > Game > Export to Engine

Relaunch your launcher and open the console by pressing the Tilde ` (Its the Key next to number 1 on the top row keyboard.

Type in Map followed by your Map Name

Map Map_Name

Amazon Lumberyard Launcher Console
Amazon Lumberyard Launcher Console

To Autoload A Specific Map

In your project folder create a new file called Autoexec.cfg

edit the Autoexec.cfg file in Notepad / Text Editor Type in the name of the Map Name.

Map Map_Name

Save the Autoexec.cfg file

When you relaunch the editor it will show up by default.

Amazon Lumberyard Launcher
Amazon Lumberyard Launcher


Links to various YouTube videos Tutorials on how I did this in Lumberyard:

Episode 13 Getting Started with Exporting a Level

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