Wunderlist goes away

End of Wunderlist

Today in my email I got a message from Wunderlist. It’s a To-Do app that launched back in 2010. There was much talk of it shutting down when they were acquired by Microsoft in 2015 which the team made Todo I have long moved to ToDo by microsoft and like it feels like Wunderlist.

I really liked Wunderlist it was simple clean and effective to use your phone to track your tasks and view them on your desktop. 🖥


It had one of the more simple workflows to make and manage your tasks. I used it to program some reminders to do certain project work or take breaks.

These days every web app out there has some sort of todo app integrated. But I think thanks to Wunderlist for kicstarting it to make it all accesible via your devices to the cloud.

There was some talk to prevent Wunderlist from shutting down but I believe that Microsoft won’t want anyone to compete with Todo.

It was a good run with Wunderlist going to miss it.