A great time to be alive


Jan started with many bad news, Bush Fire in Australia, Volcano Eruptions, Planes getting shot down and Worst of All the Novel Coronavirus Covid 19.

But yet it’s still a great time to be alive in 2020 for Entertainment. For the first time in the human history, we are able to create learn and sell things online. Without much difficulty. Some one can go on

Came across this rant by Trent Kaniuga, He can’t help but wonder why so many complain about bad content on the Digital Channels. People seem to be hating new stuff being created like the Star Wars, Death Stranding etc. but he goes on to say that years ago he would not have been able to make this stuff or let people see or enjoy them.

There is so much online now that we can find information easily yet we see so discontent at the new things being created. (This somehow gets those channels more views fear drives views).

But when things are down people do look to entertainment for inspiration or courage, especially hero movies to inspire us to remind us that good will triumph eventually.

I do agree and am hopeful and grateful for the entertainment we can get easily thanks to our phone. But it can get overwhelming. The amount of content created each day is staggering, YouTube has already 300 videos uploaded per minute.

While it’s cool that tools are almost close to Zero costs, the issues still remains how do I get attention?

Art cafe Ben Mauro echo this as well taking about what do you want to create and do you follow trends to get attention or do your own thing.

I fell that for myself while tools have been so accessible it’s hard to reach people as well due to the content and devices available to them is more than the time left to consume.


Perhaps Picking a focused niche you want to serve with your thing may be an option now.



Link to the Videos Mention and Podcast


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