New Mischief Alternative

If you are looking for a Zoom Infinite canvas similar to Mischief (Which has been discontinued), there are several other options some free and paid for Desktop and Mobile if you like the Zoom Infintite canvas kind of working.

Milton Paint

This one seems a lot similar to Mischief as it has infinite zoom canvas. Not much changed since, as its developed by a single person. They accept donations as its free and open source.


This one does not have infinite Zoom but Infinite canvas I put it here cause the name and the tech sounds cool and its developed by one guy, Henning Tegan from what I gather from the Website. It be used for painting on surface tablets or PCs with a Tablet Hardware.

The software currently works for Windows PC at the moment. It is still in beta and has it half price of $39.

Leonard is Raster based.

Mobiles Apps

These are two iOS Apps that can do infinite canvases some have zoom some not.

They work on Tablets and

Endless Paper


This is for iOS tablets

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