Mechatro Wego Model on Artstation


Finally am putting up my fan art 3d Model for sale on the Artstation store. This was my first model and digital online asset.

This all started with someone seeing my art of Mechatoro on my portfolio and said he really wanted the CG Model of it for his own use. Had a request for it and decided to sell it.

I was toying with the idea of doing some gumroads tutorials but I was unsure what kind of training to provide or if I can transfer information effectively for 3D or Concept art tutorials.

Then came along someone who wanted to buy my model for studying modelling. I used the Artstation store page to upload my files and sold he the FBX and 3D files.

Who knew that someone out there wanted to buy my 3D Model.

Head over here to get the assets to study or render for your own personal projects.

Someday I might do a rig and re texture it in Mari and Substance. Plus make it interactive in a game engine like Unity or Cryengine.

It was an interesting experience maybe I might make more stuff like T-Shirts to sell or other digital assets on this website.






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