Creating for audience of one

This came from Adam Duff of Lucid Pixul I love this talks on youtube and speeches on art and life. This episode he wants to address those that had to give up their Art Dreams.

I thought of being a professional animator/artist but life sometimes has other plans. At least for now it’s a hobby I enjoy a lot. But does that mean I am a failure by not working in the Art Industry? This is something I have been reflecting lately.

I keep looking at the Pro artists and think to myself maybe it’s too late for me to earn a living from my art 🖼

It’s hard to keep up when the environment here does not support it as much meaning less opportunities to learn and eat and grow and it.

Alternative was to freelance but the only jobs are low paying $5 jobs from Upwork. I know some top earns can make a living there but that does not mean it can support oneself in the Long run.

What is the alternative?

Do something else that earns you a living meaning going back to full time employment in something non art related (It can be Tech, Logistics or Something that can pay you). And Maybe Overlap back as seanwes puts it.

This means you have to pivot to see what the market needs. With that established you can pursue your ‘art’ freely in my spare time and on the weekends.

Thankfully I still get to create a bit of it at work, and I can make stuff on my own in my spare time.

With work settled and having a base of some stability, I can create for myself and practice in the free time on the craft or explore new things.

I can create my drawing of space pirates 🚀 🏴‍☠️, Robots 🤖 and Dinosaurs. 🦖

Creating for a single audience

I don’t have to adhere to any artstlye or worry about deadlines with an Art Director or other art trends.
I can create and experiment without worrying about trends like at one time every artist was drawing Disney Princess Mulan Casual Princess Meme.

Fans Create WRECK-IT RALPH 2 Fan Art Inspired By Casual Disney Princesses

There is the chance to combine the passions like art and what you do for a living. Right now I feel there is a need to combine my art curiosities with other things I am learning at work such as Tech. Its about trying to see things differently. I am trying to learn how to make graphics with code using Web Technologies.

Having a sense of personal accomplishment

Now when I draw I feel I can use those times I create. I try to see and be inspired by what I really like. I am not subjected to a timeline of what I need to accomplish for that week or month. This was hard to let go as I see others progress even faster than me. Now I would just need to stay in my lane to finish what is enough for me. And that is good enough most times.

Closing – Still an Artist at Heart

I feel that if you cannot do art as a profession one is not a failure we all have to take the steps to live in this world. We need to sometimes take the practical approach.

Seasons of life… In the later part of the episide Adam talks about its ok to step away from Art cause you need to pay the bills. Have compassion for yourself take care of what you need to do for

I am still wanting to create stuff even though I might not be working at an art related job. My spare time now allows me to pursue art from a satisfied point rather than something stressing me to make money from it.

Maybe it won’t break the internet but I am happy. I think it’s important to not have stress when drawing or creating.

I get to hone my craft to what suits my strengths, that’s is something I remembered to do something else while you hone your craft or build your side project as you sustain yourself.

I do want to say don’t give up on your art dreams as its not too late its just when that dream manifest it will come out differently from what we think.

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