Inoue Takehiko Vagabond

Inoue Takehiko (Various Videos)

This is a CNN Video that followed the famous Manga Artist of Slam Dunk and Vagabond. There has been a long hiatus on Slam Dunk.

The last few years there were videos of him doing large scale paintings of his characters and relasing a new Slam Dunk Artbook

I Really Enjoyed the Brush work style of his characters in Vagabond Artworks Covers, I watched Slam Dunk on and off in my school days and liked the style of the show even though it looks dated you can really get into the action of the characters.

This Video aired on NHK The Professional you can translate the subs from French to English on Desktop.

DRAW – Inoue Takehiko drawing a page of his manga vagabond. This is close to real time how long he takes to make a page. Previously was on a DVD. See his drawing process.

Slam Dunk returns as an Art book after 24 years.

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