Redefining your Art success

Recently I cam across a video by Adam Duff on why the Art Game is not Fair, and it resonated with Me that sometimes I feel I am falling behind in my ‘Art’ or craft.

But he goes on to say that sometimes someone else success, we do not see the life he is living. Maybe he does not have any other commitments or stuff going on. Maybe he is single? Maybe that is why he could focus on his art.

I am sure there is other essays similar to this video and this post here.

I have restarted to do a bit of documentation on my CG Art projects and I want to bring CG BOSS to some level of realization. But Life does seem to hold me back. Not everything we dream or want to come out how we want it to be.

Maybe you are able to spend time on your craft maybe not.

Success should not be defined by others as Tony Snipes says


Some things we can do

Start Small.

Start Small push out something Quanitity over Quality. Create the habit by making it easy and rewarding.

When I was learning to Animate or Program. I always start with the small possible output I can deliver based on my own skill. I would start with one part and slowly add another part to it and so one.

This is something I want to do more this year if time permits build something slowly up.

We do no have to always follow other’s success.

Some Parting words and the Dangers of Crushing it.

Life is always different for everyone some you can’t just use the advice here.

Everyone will have difference circumstances. Some are lucky and they can devote all their time and energy into their execution of ideas. Others not so much. Results will be different.

What ever you do in Career or pursuits, is all about sustainability in both work and life, and having a sustainable career in Art and Life but it is applied to everywhere else.


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