Preparing for the future

Stormy seas at Porthcawl
I never thought that working at home would become normal for many of us working in offices previously. Right now we are going into an extended lockdown till 1 June 2020. This is to stop the community spread in the dorms and community. Every time new measures are announced hoarding begins.


There are signs that the economy already has taken a nose dive and recession is here. Even Bitcoin took a beating last month in prices.


As the country prepares for a tighetr measure (Full Lockdown) during one of the press brefings there was a message by Ong Ye Kung that caught my attention.

Stay Curious

during one of the press brefings there was a message by Ong Ye Kung that caught my attention.

Stay Curious. That last phrase really caught me.

If you are able to work from home there is an opportunity to learn and grow. There is signs of recession coming.

We need to re inspect our interest maybe there was something that we wanted to try long ago.

Start an Ultralearning Project

This may be time to do an Ultralearning project I took this from Scott Young’s Latest post and Book. We need to do rapid skills development, and if we are having some free time it may be good to use it as a chance to explore potential new skills sets.

If you are able to depending on your situation, now it’s the time to learn and grow for the next economy when it comes back.


I took this from SeanWes podcast as he recently talk about pivoting or abandoning the old ways to make money. I noticed a couple of freelancers have switched out of doing their gigs to essential type services.

I can only speak about the Technology Jobs as I keep getting calls regarding developer work. There are companies hiring for Web Design, UX and Web Development work.

One thing is to remain fluid since things will change over the weeks.

I do not know what will happen as I heard bad news over the world I feel that its getting increasingly diffuclut out there. I was thinking of doing my own thing but it may not be the time yet. All we can do is find something for now and prepare for when times get better.

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