Covid Advice don’t listen to it

At the start of the lockdown many were giving advice online how to make the most of it. Start a side hustle learn a new skill but mostly that is not true. For parents many are struggling to juggle work and taking care of kids. Others are dealing with boredom or anxiety. Yes there is a slow economic meltdown happening. Jobs will be lost and layoffs are happening.

That is why it may be better not to listen to too much advice on social media. I wrote something about preparing for the future but it may not be useful. The best is to ignore all of it.

Someting I read a while back is not to listen to too much advice on the internet. Even this blog. They won’t understand your context some are not well researched espicially during this time of the pandemic, there will be anxiety driven click-baity articles.

Now if you like those motivational posts and articles about making the most out of this Lockdown and being productive, I say go for it.

But if all we managed to do is just survive this pandemic and make it out in tact that is just as good too. This covid-19 Pandamic will go down as my Generation’s most impactful event taking over the previous financial crisis.

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