Starting Again

On my recent podcast I talk about starting again and trying to get going with my Animation and game projects.


I started by installing Maya in (Early October) getting started was tough, as I felt I have not done Maya and Animation in a long time and fogotten how to navigate the interface.

But I managed to make a small walk cycle with a free rig from Reel Monster Jiro. It was fun really doing it and I am trying to learn rigging as well. Primarily I am trying to refocus my animations towards game development.

Its been fun getting back to do some small projects.

Indie AAA and Learning Unreal Engine

Besides animating I cam across a solo game dev making this steam game Titled Bright memeory. It was also featured on the TGS Indie Games channel. One of the cool features it uses the RTX Raytracing features.

This made me want to try it out, and be a solo indie dev. Together with someday to bring one of my story worlds out in some form as a game before

I felt that I spent a lot of time learning lumberyard and cryengine and just playing around with various engines and not sticking with one for a certain project.

I want to build and ship something but it will probably be a long time and maybe last 6 months or more.

Setting a course

Right now is to get the gears rolling and set a direction on making games.

I am relarning how to animate in Maya and doing some Unreal learning. Mostly I am making small game levels and understanding how Blueprint works.

I am also trying to build up some storyworlds and a strategy around making them possible. I feel that it’s important to make content viable and sustainable. It’s a concept that I discovered this year though I have been experiencing it in the many IP mediums like games, animations, manga etc.

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