Unreal Dev Log 1

So I have been trying to learn Unreal Engine to make a game of my own. So far this past month I can say AI managed to make 2 small levels. I mentioned this in one of my Podcast Episodes.

My learning experience has mostly been trying to understand how to get content into the system and apply some interactions. It’s very rough and quick I done intent to spend a lot of time to make it prettier and used existing assets. You can watch some of the learnings on my Twitch Channel.

Watch the Previous Stream on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/790565849

Dino Chaser

This is a simple game where it’s a side scroller, you have to escape the Dino chasing you.

This short level is to get myself familiar with Unreal Engine and make the most simplest level in a week. It was a good start to learn about basic game design and making a game.

Endless run

This is a temple run clone but it’s much more involved than making a short side scroller, there was not starting template besides the Third Person Controls.

I tried to learn how to make UI and power ups and add in gamplay items. Thankfully I used tutorials on YouTube to find solutions.

I am trying to make the game different since its based on PB Game Jam 5 themes of Out of Reach and Replay.

The game revolves around the player chasing a goal and needs to collect power ups to speed up to catch up but it never seems to be in reach. The timer counts down and the game ends.

The short Projects were quite fun to make and get me a good starting point to make a game and learning how to build a simple game framework which is a menu start button, a goal for the player and endgame.

At this stage I am planning to make a fuller game experience in the next update to Endless Runner (Out of Reach)

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