Unreal Dev Log 2 – Endless Runner

Endless Runner Update 2

Time for another update blog post on a short game I am working on based on a Endless Runner gameplay style. Using the PB Game Jam 5 Theme of “Replay” and “Out of Reach”.

Video stream of working in Unreal on Twitch

After working on this on and off with the help of the Dev Squad tutorials. It is finally taking some form for the game play interaction that I want which is to have the character chase a goal that seems “Out of Reach” as a gameplay mechanic you need to collect power ups that can temporarily give you a speed boost.

I feel that for working on short games especially if starting out its good to use a theme from a game jam and keep the gameplay styles simple to tried and true styles, such as side scrollers or simple lane games. This will force you to keep to something simple and be on track to learn the programming concepts and starting to understand the software.

Things to work on

Game Play trying to figure a way to incorporate the theme of Replay other than just a countdown timer.

UI to implement the code to update the UI Element Text

Tweak the Gameplay Mechanics of the player and the Pawn Running.

Other Thoughts…

I was initially hesitant to use Unreal engine, after getting frustrated with learning Lumberyard (Though I still think it’s a good game engine for a small team). As it had a lot of AAA style workflows which may not work for me coming from a Web Dev background and Dabbling a bit with C# and Unity. I was surprised that it’s workflow slowly open up and you can do a lot of things with just blueprints.

Thankfully at this point in 2020 there is sufficient resources to learn unreal both from their official learning channel and various tutorials in YouTube and Google. Even Lynda learning site has quite some good resources.


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