Indie Game Dev Delusion

20217/22: Update to this post with a new section and videos by Thousand Ant

This is the best video I found on YouTube that was recommended in my feed, and its something I feel its good to kick you in before approaching any craft. These are some of the more balanced videos on the job as an indie game dev.

The Game Dev Delusion (Listen with headphones)

After watching Lost Relic Game video, I feel one needs to commit to the process. Which means learning as much as you can from the craft. Some Indie Devs had the fortunate time to learn through their employer. Meaning they were learning to make games on the Job.

It has never been easy to make money let alone make money from your art.

There was something similar said before by Ramil Ismail from Vlambeer on “How to survive your First Indie Game” in 2015

there was an earlier video on some advice about how to start if you are a beginner.

  • Organisation
  • Time-Management
  • Mundane Unseen work (like Admin on store page, making trailers)
  • Find enough Resistence for yourself

Lastly a nice interview that weighs in on making indie games with some nice positives to ad to it.

Thomas Brush gets interviewed about Making Indie Games

New Updates 2021

An Article by Games Industry.Biz wrote about this in 2018 not to encourage more to come into indie game dev.

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