Unity3D Youtube Channels to Follow in 2021

So I have been giving Unity a try for the next game demo. I find that Unity has a lot of resources created online on YouTube and Websites.

During my DuckDuckGo Search & Google I cam across a few channesl to aid me in learning Unity and the C# Scripting concepts.



Brackeys Channel has been around for quite a long time. He convers a lot of Basic Unity Editor Tutorials and Scripting in C#. I Learned quite a bit from his tutorials. Sadly he has stopped posting and creating new tutorials in his Goodbye video. But the concepts is still relevant even if you use later versions of Unity.

Creating a 2D Shooter in Unity

Jason Weimann Channel

Jason is a Unity Ambassador I think. He does have some Tutorials on Unity Learn site. But his channel is #1 for Unity3d Tutorials. A good resources for beginners and pros.

Code Monkey Channel

You can learn a lot from Code Monkey Unity this professional indie developer. Lots of specific tutorials and general one. I enjoyed learning about Scene Management.


He has a nice bunch of tutorials on his Channel, using unity to Get You Started.


DevDuck more for Inspiration. These days he seems to be on Godot. There is a small selection of Unity Tutorials that are Still Useful.

Unity3d Official Youtube

Unity3D Official Channels. If you can search the playlist for their conference you can find some tutorials.

Hugh selection of Tutorials here to get you started

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